PFC formulates turnkey solutions for all its clients:

  • business development (analysis and new partnerships development)
  • marketing (competitive analysis, market research, strategy, advertising materials etc.)
  • sales management and support
  • digital
  • project management
  • technical support

Through its network, expertise and services, PFC is able to reach quickly and effectively potential partners for our clients, developing their exports market and identifying the proper strategy (business model, products range, pricing, etc.) in order to build proficuous relationships .

Thanks to its smart and efficient structure, PFC offers its clients a wide range of services, flexible and customizable, with a great attention to details.

PFC speaks to all those companies which are focusing in the expasnion of their business and wish to transform their insights into success business stories, having the knowledge of the vastness and complexity, besides the barriers that new markets can bring such as communicating in foreign languages, comprehending the diversity of cultural and legislative facts.

Other Industries PFC formulates turnkey solutions are:

  • oil & gas
  • energy control
  • electrometallurgy
  • industrial automation
  • power electronics

For any enquiries, information or company overview, please do not hesitate to write an email at: